Tiny Kitten Follows A Couple A Kilometer Into Their Car | The Dodo Cat Crazy

Publicado el 10 jul 2021
This tiny stray kitten would not let this couple leave without him.

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  • Bro that's the goodest kitty ever.

  • more likely his mom and family died in the wilderness .. until he found you, well done.

  • What a lovely, warm hearted couple. Great people, kind home. I wish them and all their family (both human and animal) all the very best in life.

  • This is how I found my Leon... but I took him straight away. No one in the neighbourhood claimed him. 14 years later.... we're still together lol

  • Ye sale love jihad ke prime example hai

  • Couple finds a male kitten. Also couple calls him noorie...

  • "We figured he would just go back home." Jokes on you, he was already there!

  • Noorie took one look and decided, "There are my forever people."

  • He's cutie too

  • as a cat "owner", thank god for dogs being the wiser animal, they are like the big bro accepting the lil ones :)

  • The way the dog was just staring at it like, wth is this little thing doing?! 🤣

  • god bless you guys

  • What a beautiful couple! Bless you who took little Noorie with you home, even with 2 dogs. Love these stories! Faith in humanity restored.

  • Trust me, this video is from India

  • “This is my shot. I’ll follow these things around, join their tribe.”

  • This cat belong to india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • One of my cats literally forced herself into the house

  • My favorite episode so far!!! Noori.xxxxx

  • Cat not pary of the pack. He became pack leader

  • 😂😂😂😂 worried about those dogs. They look like golden retrievers the kindest most gentle dogs known

  • 🍀🌹

  • tiny mc baby

  • Noorie when he sees humans: Take me home pls Noorie when he sees dogs: *BEGONE FOUL BEASTS*

  • Meow meow - my cat said after watching this

  • Thanks s lot stay always happy and blessed 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • That's how they choose their hooman any fine day that they wish😁. Noorie is way too cute 😘😘.

  • So nice of that kitten to adopt that family.

  • Amazing video!

  • Sweetest family!💖Thank you for loving and caring!🙏🏽

  • Beautiful.

  • He's a wonderful addiction to the pack and y'all are GOOD people.

  • I like how the guy said "where is your home?" to the cat

  • aww ❣️❣️🥺

  • I wake up everyday healthy and sound without any pain, recovering so fast from my herpes disease damages after using a herbal supplements from Dr IGUDIA on ESmain.

  • Thank you for saving him and not waiting for owners to come around.If they wanted him safe He wouldn't be outside .He's a baby!!He was dumped and landed in your lap..

  • This is awesome. What a lovely couple and family. Blessings to them ♥️

  • How special to be chosen by this tiny little kitten! Now you are a beautiful and complete family!

  • This is so coot

  • You were meant to have this kitty. He loves you so much and always will. I'm happy that you people gave him a forever home because he sure needed it. Thanks for helping him

  • Poor little kitten needed a home. They keep referring to him as he, I believe that's a calico female. They'll find out. So glad he or she found a loving home.

  • Well same thing happened with my mom and after 3 years we lost her which is very sad 😭 he was like Lion

  • One day a kitty will choose me 🙏🏼😻🤗

  • The crazy bay surgically sin because dorothy maternally disappear save a elated claus. condemned, creepy distance

  • I love cat and dog too

  • Awwwww he clearly chose U to be his FAM so sweet

  • I think this is South India😇I think this is Karnataka😍😍

  • 90 percent of the stray kittens that show up in our Apartment complex end up as someone house cat within weeks of appearing. All the older cats that come around become the community cats. There is literally food and water on almost every stairwell.


  • God bless your kind hearts 🙏❤🐈


  • Now Noorie is boss of that household!

  • That little kitten chose them as it's hoomans

  • I love ppl like you… you did a wonderful thing that will bring you happinesses for many many years, he will love you unconditionally for his whole life… please do the same for him😘

  • The cat adopted them!!!!!

  • This proves that cat and dogs are not a mortal enemy sometimes

  • What an amazing Fur Family 😍

  • The little cat is very cute

  • nice❤❤❤

  • A cat happened to them.

  • Such a loving family

  • Out of all that I don't see the kitty being fed.

  • HEY! Can I be YOUR cat?

  • The kitten looks like a Calico. Usually calicos are female. Glad you adopted this kitty.👏👏😻

  • You know what they say, you don't choose a cat, they choose you.

  • The cat must have been hungry and thirsty.

  • He just said, "hey, you don't know it yet, but I'm part of your family"

  • Hmmm. Something screams fake about this video

  • Humans = We have adopted a cat. Cat = Congratulations humans, you have been selected.

  • Prime example of how you don't adopt them, they adopt you.

  • aawww what a wonderful family, thank you both for being so kind much love from the UKxx

  • Awww... I needed that. Thank you.

  • Meow

  • Their accent is.. different

  • When little kitten Noorie saw this loving couple owns a car too... she instantly adopted the hoomans. Life is set now. Pets take good care of her.

  • You hear people say, "My cat picked me" and this is a prime example. I like how the dogs were respectful of the little guy, I think the couple raising the dogs had a lot to do with the training and temperament.

  • Dog: he looks like a snacc but I won't attacc.

  • That's a girl!

  • The car adopted the humans.

  • It wanted food you fools! FEED IT

  • I already knew they were indians YASS ME TOO

  • God is so amazing making these things happen, He also came and to save us and if you trust in Jesus and believe in your heart that He died for us and rose and now lives, you will be saved

  • Soo good!!

  • And that's how a cat adopts their humans. :-D

  • Human "Where's your house?" Kitty "You are building it!"

  • Who would give Noodie a thumbs down? Noodles is awesome! 😺

  • 😻😽SWEET!!😻😽

  • There are so many videos like this, it makes me think that some cats are born with a natural instinct to seek out humans for help. It's odd but not impossible.

  • Such a wonderful feeling, when a kitty chooses you!

  • Thank you fir saving this little guy.

  • As always, sometimes the animal chooses us.

  • All the rescues I had were packed with fleas besides not being clean: I find it interesting this little one does not have any fleas and is very clean from the moment they found him.

  • Cats just pick you. You have no choice but to accept their decision....

  • This is the u.s a. We don't say kilometers! Tf

  • As soon as you heard them call the cat Noorie you knew...c’mon! Yes, fur-ever home😻

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • गले पड गई !! एक बिल्ली हर तीसरे दिन आती है , हम दूध पिलाते हैं !!!

  • Cute - all of You are Hero's !!!!

  • Humans "aren't you going back home?" Cat "what do you mean? This is my home"

  • What a cute little sweetheart, I would have taken him home too, many hugs and kisses, stay safe :))