Sweetest Dog Found Shaking In A Ditch | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Publicado el 8 jul 2021
Mica was found shaking in a ditch. After being rescued, she was adopted by the perfect family. Now her new name is Ewa and she loves to steal her family's shoes ❤

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


  • Shelters fucking exist, why do ppl leave pets outside 😡

  • Any one else wanting to reach through the screen and save the dog.

  • She was recently abandoned....she wasn't emaciated

  • Dogs is very loyal and sensitive to emotional abandonment. Humans only hurt others outside of themselves , because they been hurt. Spreading hatred does not bring peace to the world.sadly, some humans want to experience chaos life. Others want peace.

  • Glad that she was rescued. God bless her

  • that dog will never forget you

  • Never seen such a mixed breed with random brindle

  • what the frick? is she a staffy-cross Chihuahua? so first use the staff as weapons/tools to fight with, now they want to....what? make them seem ok, so they thought mixing with the smallest & probably the most biter dog around would help? meh, maybe itll work, maybe not, just wish peeps would just stop this vile abandonment after they dont care anymore :'( xxx

  • "She would steal your shoes. She wouldn't damage, just rearrange them." Ah, yes. Not Cat-Yoga, but Dog-Fengshui.

  • Beautiful story! So glad Mica found a good home.

  • Seriously, WTF is wrong with people leaving a dog like that?

  • GOD BLESS YOU ! The cabal must have a MORON SQUAD that gives automatic thumbs down to everything good on ESmain and other sites ! EVERY VID HAS THEM ! DON`T NEED A LOT GOING ON TO BE A CABAL PUPPET !

  • what breed is she?

  • She is absolutely beautiful,...soooo cute!!!

  • I love Mica, her rescuers and her forever family, best wishes to all of them may whoever abandoned her get lyme disease or something

  • I will never understand how someone abandons a dog. When I was young and married, my ex-husband brought a puppy home but because it pooped on the floor, he told me he 'it's okay, I got rid of it' and left it in a laundromat. He was cruel to me, so I shouldn't have been surprised he did something like that. I still think of that poor sweet innocent happy puppy to this day and this was in 1968.

  • This puts a smile on my face

  • I love how all the little dogs all danced on their hinds & dance for food. I want her.🥺💙

  • 💗

  • Who could leave a sweet little defenseless dog alone like that? Honestly half the people who have dogs do NOT deserve them. Bless this lovely little girl ,the Foster parents and now her new family!

  • That little under bite of hers

  • wha da dog doin

  • She behaves EXACTLY like my JRT mix rescue named Jack. He lived to 17 y.o. ( 4/2020). Would never bark, wiggled adorably the same way, so scared but finally adjusted and became a Great pet.❤️❤️

  • How many cute dogs there are in this wonderful family))) And the new one, even brings slippers)))

  • I think people who do this (tie, leave and abandon dogs) Should all be collected up, taken to a lake and dropped in it with weights around their neck. Scum! So happy to watch till end! These people are what the world needs.

  • 😪😪😪😍🥰🐕😍🥰🐕😍🐕

  • The laws against animal abuse and leaving animals need to be just as strict as hurting or abandoning a person! She’s so cute!!!

  • This is just like my dog but my dog is smaller

  • Dogs are so needy, cat's on the other hand.

  • Kto takie psie śliczności porzuca co za kanalia takiego to beczki z kwasem,by już żadnemu zwierzęciu krzywdy nie wyrządził.Dziekuje za zaopiekowanie się psia pięknością.

  • She was probably used in a puppy mill and then dumped, poor baby! :( So good that she got a happy ever after! :)

  • Lucky dog!

  • I hoore everybody has a lovely day

  • What great people you are to take in another dog when its easy to see you are overrun with them.

  • Was she left in the ditch, or did she chew through her leash? It looked to me like she chewed through the leash

  • WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL!! So precious…. How could anyone just dump her?!

  • That poor baby I'm glad someone found her to help I'm glad you gave her home thank you 😊🙏❤💕

  • I will take her

  • These days... In this climate... With these crazies running around today... Lack of common sense... I always was an animal/pet person before COVID... But today... I trust DOGS and THEIR INSTINCTS before people... But dog people who seem genuine like this, might be the ONLY other people I would be willing to try trusting. Dog lovers, especially pit lovers, I think I can make a trust attempt! 💯

  • These sick people dyed one of the dogs tails red wtf

  • Adoptemos salvemos vidas.basta de existir las tiendas de mascotas. Millones en las calles merecen y necesitan un hogar

  • She's got some mad dance skills!💗🐾

  • This actually made me cry I'm so glad that this dog found a loving home absolutely heartbreaking that somebody could do that💝

  • What a cutie pie! So glad she found a good forever home!

  • Ahhh, God bless you for rescuing her and finding a loving forever home ❤️🐶

  • What a beautiful dog. All dogs should be happy.

  • They have dogs like I have cats

  • Love that! Thank you!

  • You have to be sum special type of evil to harm animals

  • Ну почему с животными это происходит? Люди очень жестоки! Такая маленькая.

  • Wtf! Who would do this to an innocent being?

  • Awesome

  • My new favorite dog ever I want her!!!!

  • What a sweet sweet little girl I'm so glad she found a perfect home thank you

  • It is so sad that people just leave their animals along the side of a road, or in the ditch, just like trash. I am so glad this little cutie found a good loving forever home!!!

  • She looks like she got away from her owner. Too bad they couldn't reunite them.

  • Just look at that baby face

  • All these animals really want is just love

  • I don’t understand people all they have to do is go to a place that will take an emotional questions asked if you don’t wanna do that drive in the middle of the night character tree in front of A veterinarian

  • What a beautiful girl who now has a beautiful life❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • I never understand why anyone leaves their dog out in the middle of know where That is so sad If they can't take the dog or just doesn't want it Please take it to a shelter

  • Poor dog! How about the cruel person who did this brutality?

  • What a cutie🤗💗🐶

  • So glad you rescued this sweet little thing!!

  • The unruly actor yearly observe because caution arguably identify toward a shiny guarantee. panicky, pushy mouse

  • Let this be motivation FOR US ALL... our fellow beings need our intervention and help... Power to the Pawple!! ADOPT DONT SHOP

  • God bless you for having the compassion and kindness for caring for this very special dog🙏🏾

  • Gahd people are fcking monsters 😭🤬 thank god she found him! So grateful for these earth angels that help these innocent babies ❤️🙏🏼

  • Aaahhh… bless her heart 💜 she is so adorable 🥰

  • Bless you all for caring and rescuing her 🙏🏻👏🏻🌟💫⭐️✨🙋‍♀️

  • What a little sweetie. 😘

  • Someone left that dog there. Makes me mad enough to execute people.

  • Im so sorry little one....i hope your new life rocks 😀

  • Thank goodness there are people who save these animals. You are true heroes especially to the defenseless animals you rescued. Thanks again.

  • This is totally a Chihuahua/pit/bully mix if I ever saw one ❤️

  • I think she got away from someone on a walk. No one abandons a dog with a leash. Thank you for helping her

  • ditch dogs make some of the best. found my pup in a ditch at 4 pounds 3 years ago. she now thanks me every morning with her 75 pounds and 4 ft of tail

  • Thank you

  • What a sweet little Princess

  • Mica the cute little shoe thief!

  • Lucky lucky beautiful girl

  • What a gorgeous wee dog

  • Thank You so Much....❤❤❤

  • I know she’s a girl. But what a gentleman she is

  • FAKE

  • Mica is so adorable, blessings to the family that gave her a home.

  • God bless these people who foster the animals..

  • If they ever form a team of “Punishers” to deal with animal abusers or those who recklessly abandon them; count me in.

  • Thank you so much for saving this little girl.

  • She's precious, what is she mixed with ?

  • She reminds me of the dog we rescued a few months ago, she was heavily pregnant, abandoned in a parking lot and is just the sweetest most loving dog I have ever met, she obviously stayed with us and we found loving families for all of her puppies.

  • Awwww

  • I just love her she's so adorable. What a nice pup

  • What a beautiful girl

  • Poor baby. I love animal rescues. God bless them & doggies. 🙏❤️🙏

  • Thank You God Bless You

  • So sweet

  • Dobi brought master a shoe!

  • ...what a cutie pie!❤️

  • You know that dog spent all day hoping for its owners to return. Cold and hungry.