Stray Mama Cat Was So Feral That Rescuer Had To Wear Gloves Around Her | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Publicado el 15 jul 2021
Feral mama cat had spent so many years starving that she’d snatch food right out of her rescuer’s hand - weeks later she's the sweetest indoor cat who sleeps curled around her son ♥️

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  • You must stop touching her while she eating .

  • What a uniquely beautiful feline Miss Shadow is. Plus, she has the most gorgeous and rare litter of Snowshoe kittens, which only happens when an Alley cat like herself breeds with a Siamese cat. Generally, there is only one per litter when this happe, but being the special girl she is, she couldn't stop with one. No-o-o-o. She decided to have an almost complete litter of them, from what I could see. Good girl!!! The Snowshoe to is a new breed that first appeared in the 1960's in Ohio and now when all the markings are in the right place, including the four white feet, which gives this breed its name, like those kittens, they have a special blue ribbon category just for them and are extremely expensive, between $200 to $1,000. Some people really got lucky getting them free, because they love water (and will just sit in the sink or bathtub until taken out) and are the most mild gentle funny playful and TALKATIVE kitties in the world, just like mine in the photo next to this comment 😂.

  • Both of my kitties eat like food is going out of style... They're both grumpy old ladies who are very food motivated and sharing is caring is not a thing either of them believe in... At all lol

  • She's a beautiful kitty. Thanks for sharing.

  • 1:54 That is so NOT how you pet a cat....

  • Thank you for being so loving towards her

  • Im really sorry but i find the thumbnail hilarious.

  • I have three cats! One is 2 yrs old, one is 1 yrs old and the smallest one 12 months old.

  • she is kinda being forceful because if a cat moves their butt up if u touch them that means when a cat is scratched in a area with a lot of nerve endings and sensitivity a stretch with the bum in the air and she said weather or not you like it that's very forceful and if the cat doesn't wanna be touched then don't touch it and she kept saying its like she's fighting it I feel like she was being to forceful another thing that got me is when she said your gonna get food either way that's forceful and kinda aggressive and I know I sound like a KAREN right now but im not one im just being honest and she really shouldn't never have kept it because that's someone cat and should of posted a picture of them on Facebook and asked who's cat this is instead of just keeping it and not telling anyone she should of took them to the vet to.

  • You have to let her calm down and the voice and food can get her to notice she is safe these are God's creations they can become beautiful by knowing they are safe....I NEED TO WIN the lottery there would be a sanctuary in every state.....even around the world for these precious babies 🐱🐈🐈‍⬛🐈🐱❤🐱❤🐱

  • Cats are NOT ment to be Inside animals!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The only acceptable use of the sentiment "you know you want it" 😤

  • All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them ALL!

  • Cats need Love, Food, Patience and MORE LOVE!

  • I'm currently working with a feral momma cat and her kitten. The momma trusts me and lets me pet her but her baby is still skittish.

  • When they’re petting her she’s like “FINE! But I’m only doing this for food.”😠😠😠😠

  • How rude we are going to touch u wether u like it or not

  • And the cat just walks away like "my job here is done, I'm waiting down stairs for food, human."

  • i live how the dodo always animates the piera and hisses with the swirls and lightning bolts, it helps me when there aren’t captions for stuff like that!

  • Awwww🥺🥺🥺so cute

  • I’m so glad that cats get second chances

  • People these days are so kind. They literally went over a month to teach her how to love

  • "When she eats, that's when we get all the pets in. She likes it." 2 seconds later the cat's hissing

  • Soooooooooooo impatient for food

  • My Cat was just like you shadow

  • The Epic Cat: MEOW MEOW MEOWWW XD 1:25

  • So cute

  • Word for word like mine. Gloves. Hisses. Now Momma is tiny, and Kitten is HUGE.

  • thank you for caring for this baby 🌟

  • Just takes time & Love

  • lol hashtag dog

  • jn

  • Even when feeding kittens, after 20 days she should not still be that skinny. Either you weren't feeding enough food, or she has worms or another health issue. Feral cats often have loads of worms and that can actually cause malnourishment. She looks good at the very end though.

  • That was not a feral cat.

  • Good job

  • The bashful bonsai tentatively flap because sturgeon karunagappally pull past a abiding tank. racial, filthy industry

  • im not sure locking something in a cage is a way to do the best job..... they get mental issues as we all know. i think we need improvements is all. unless was that just part of the day?

  • She has more character development than Goku.

  • Through this whole video I just thought “Tsunedere cat”

  • Wonderful story, top job guys :-)

  • It looks like your cat (Shadow) is a tail wagging cat just like my cat who is also named Shadow. My Shadow is a beautiful little Russian Blue and a bit of a runt. My shadow was a feral from birth but loved the petting from first touch. He easily accepted coming indoors and now prefers it to being outdoors. He does still goes outside for bathroom and sometimes likes to lay in my driveway but is always willing to come in at night.

  • Man, that's adorable as hell! Our cat Caesar that basically adopted us by just walking into the apartment and not leaving took in a kitten no problem A neighbor had kittens which were rejected by the mother and gave us one, she was barely over a week old My father named the little fella Cuddles Caesar always let her eat first and bather her, slept with her every now and then and would stimulate her to go to the toilet! He was an incredible help there, and they've been very close since Now she's a big girl and going to be a year old this october, and he'll be 7 :]

  • Why are the cats sitting on metal floor? Not exactly cosy!!!!!

  • In our house there is a feral mom With two kittens like two weeks old I’ve been giving her food and water But once i think I’ll come closer she will give me the ears and that face 😡 So can anyone help me with that ? Or i should forget it to adopt them?

  • Anything with tiktok adds i dont watch.

  • Is it common for a cat’s butt to rise when being pet because the same thing happens the my cats

  • A main reason I am a cat person is because dogs will almost love anyone they meet. But earning a cat trust and respect is extremely rewarding.

  • That's not a rescue, that's a Karen enslaveing a cat... Just listen to her voice... Definitely Karen.. nope, nosiry, not a rescue, that's for sure...

  • Lol. It wasn't a rescue, as you can see, it obviously wanted to be free. Hence the biting...

  • I was going to get a dog from a shelter but then we are going to get to kittens my gma's friend had some and they had fleas SO bad

  • Wonderful!

  • I love it when you hit that sweet spot, and the leg starts going... :)

  • Well , no offense but this "domesticate " seems like enslave 😅 but in a much more gentle way

  • i do hate it when people call street cats feral, this was nothing close to feral.

  • Wow! The world definitely needs more people like you!! The very best of luck to you!

  • Them: giving otger kittens to foster care Me who doesnt wanna give my kittens to even my friends

  • It looked little bit of forced domestication

  • Love & Patience goes a LONG way🐈👍

  • Love Man ! It's a powerful tool that has amazing effects !!

  • My cat is also named shadow

  • Now the poor thing is trapped inside all day.

  • Tsundere cat exist

  • I have one like her about one month inside, trying domesticated. It's hard, but she improved a lod. Hugs from Brazil!

  • 2 months ago we adopted another cat. The shelter wasn't doing much to help her. She definitely didn't like people around, only other cats. She was Very scared and didn't let anyone to pet her. She was already returned to the shelter 2 Times, but we really wanted to try. Now she's the most pets craving cat

  • wow, that's pretty impressive.... we've seen feral cats before that just simply won't domesticate, so the amount of time and understanding on display here is impressive.

  • That took a lot longer than I expected. I'm not patient enough for what you do. Glad you are though! Love it!

  • From "My Cat from Hell", to "My Cat from Heaven"

  • Wow - impressive.

  • Never owned a cat until I rescued one. She'd been returned several times but she did well after a few months of love and brought us treats everyday

  • Thank you for rescuing Beauty...I am happy she got help, treated by the vet...most of all found a loving, caring Dad and doggie sister who loves her...may God bless the doggies, and all animal rescuer, who are the voices and caretakers of stray animals in need. 🙏👍👏💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️🐶

  • There's no such thing as an "inside cat"

  • I kinda laughed when she tipped her food over😂😂😂

  • Shadow looks like my alley cat Crazy

  • We got a feral rescue last year who'd just had a badly infected eye removed, and he literally holed up underneath our bathroom sink for over five months. Wouldn't come out if anyone was even in the next room, wouldn't let anyone near him. FIVE MONTHS. One day he came out at night and up onto the bed to sleep near his foster brother. Now he's the most loudly purring, loving snugglebug we've ever had.

  • She was never ferral! The cage and that stupid glove slowed down her socialisation. She'd have been much better off free to roam around her own secure room and safe space. Cats like to scope out an area. She would have eventually let people touch her with a food reward. It's great that she has been given a second chance but this video is clickbait shite!! She was just stray and behaving normally in order to protect herself and her kittens. Also.... you shouldn't touch cats while they're eating. Let them eat in peace. I'd probably f*cking bite someone if they stroked me while I was eating ffs! 🤣 If they genuinely thought this cat was ferral..... they're incredibly stupid. Bunch of amateurs!

  • Person: She likes the pets! Cat: GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME *NOW*

  • Its not like a like you b-b-baka

  • But my cat does not like me But my 2nd cat is picky and scared I wish my cats are good.. :(

  • Holy crap I hav a cat that looks just like her that’s a kitten 🤭

  • Shadow: What was that? Handlers: affection? Shadow HISSS! disgusting! it again plez? x3

  • Human: I will touch you Shadow: F off Human: Nope ❤️ *Gets gloves* Shadow: Why must you do this to me

  • Our mama cat having her 3rd litter looks like that mama and acts like her too Btw not the end part despises her babies and is a mad cat lol

  • I wanted her to be Inside cat cause I didn’t want to put her in danger anymore…what nonsense. No animal is indoor. Indoor = prison. That’s the reason indoor cats are so aggressive. I’d be too. They have energy they can’t burn.

  • My cat bites me when I rub the bony top part of his tail. So his booty goes down and his teeth go *IN*

  • anyone know what that tube treat/food is called?

  • I call the big one Bitey

  • I love the detail that Shadow's eyes were majority slitted, but when we finally realized it's okay where she is, her pupils would dialate and get all big :)

  • Her booty going up when you rub her back does NOT mean she likes it. You are trying to read your animal, and that's good. Someone should pet YOU for your patience. Bless you.

  • i just realized sumthing rly sad cats r my fav animal and i have never cuddled one in my entire life saaaaaad

  • 2:58 Probably the creepiest phrase i've ever seen on an animal care video

  • curious about the snack food shadow is offered to lick - ? - and oh - of course - beautiful, gentle, thank you thank you love....!!!...

  • A few things, your coming at her from ABOVE( you never come over an animal from above) with a BIG object. Wrong. Locked in a cage. No place to escape. You could sit with food and have her come to you. SHOULD get them food satisfied first. Knowing she's going to get food daily takes the edge off. Too much to soon. Thank you for doing what you do, but you could do things a little smoother.

  • Wow I must say you guys did a amazing job with this cat it’s like 2 different cats!!! What great work

  • A friend's mom had a sanctuary for sick an wounded stray cats. Once I helped out by simply sitting still in the quarantine room with the new arrivals. After a few hours I had two of them play fighting over who got to sit in my lap 😂❤ Best feeling in the world!!!

  • Praise to people who have the patience and love for feral/mistreated cats. My roommate had adopted an abused and sick cat and brought him to our home. He only lasted 3 weeks here unfortunately. I was very upset with my roommate for bringing him home because she was rarely home so that left me to take care of him and I was terrified of him so I would just give him his medicine and food. I would try to sit in a room with him but he was very aggressive so I’d be shut up in my room a lot but you couldn’t leave him alone for long because he would start crying so loud that the neighbors complained. THIS ENDS WELL. Anyways I told my roommate that I had a friend who was willing to take him in and that she cannot have a pet with special needs that she wasn’t willing to take care of. Luckily she agreed and the cat didn’t have to go back to the shelter. He’s been there for 4 months and he’s doing amazing!!! Its like he’s a different cat the moment I visited he came up purring and begging for pets there was no hissing , no screaming or howling. His favorite person is my friends mom and she treats him like a king. And there’s no more of that crying from being left alone because people are always around to care properly for him. Plus all the aggressive behavior stopped because no one there was even the slightest bit intimidated by him.

  • It's a family affair That's dope

  • My cat got outside once for 24 hours, i found him thank goodness, but i found him at night and he was SO FERAL Like 200x worse than this cat is behaving, i had to throw a sheet overhim AND use gloves to retrive him cause i literally couldnt grab him any way without him risking injury, he was also hissing and growling like a tiger

  • This is the story of my cat minus the aggression. Mine was less than a year old and pregnant and sooooo scared of people. Now we "talk" with body language and she sleeps tummy-up.

  • Awww... that reminds me of my cat ^-^

  • Actually like many autistic children, they struggle to understand and process new sensory stimulation(s) such as being pet, held or hugged. My adult rehabs took awhile, especially the males. Best of Success & furlove💞