Stray Cat Waits At Guy's Window Until He's Adopted | The Dodo Soulmates

Publicado el 18 jul 2021
Stray cat waits outside this guy's window every day - now the guy's his dad and wakes up every morning to the cat sitting on his chest staring at him

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


  • you dont adopt a cat. a cat adopt you.

  • so you r the chosen servan

  • That Great Moment When A Pet Finds He's owner And Not the Other Way Around.

  • Your gonna worry when Bojangles doesn't face time you anymore that cheater

  • I love that he named him Bojangles

  • Cat adopt their human... not the other way around 😂

  • When the cat picks the owner

  • I got a cat that way one time

  • "Do you still remember me?" And the cat looks at him, pissed off.

  • Great…

  • I wonder if the previous tenant of this flat left him behind?

  • Awwwwww...thank you so much for taking him as part of your family...he will give years and years of joy together

  • "he's my cat now" You couldn't be more wrong. You're his human now. Get it right xD

  • There are so many times when are our furry loved ones choose us. I truly believe that is one of the greatest honors and privileges in life. It is Our duty and again great privilege to have their trust and to keep it by treating them by treating them like the special little ones that they are.

  • My heart melted like wax seeing him craving for love outside window. What a sweeeeeeeeeet affectionate gentleman this baby is😻❤️😽

  • I’m glad he was ok when you were gone bc I had a cat and we left for a week to see my grandma we told my grandpa that if he could come once in a while to feed the cat and he said yes but his job keeps him really busy so he forgot to feed the cat and when we came back we found our cat really thin , hungry and depressed so we never left him anymore for that long alone it’s really hard to go anywhere with you pets.

  • That’s a cat abandoned by the previous flat occupier.

  • tbh I have a cat and hes always waking me up in the middle of the night purring in my face and walking all over me so i wouldn't say he helps me sleep

  • "he's my cat now" NO! Ur he's slave now!

  • I love that so many people take in our fellow animals that PICK THEM !!! I wonder if Adrian knows that a cat's purring not only helps the cat, but also their person. That was, no doubt, why Adrian was able to sleep better with Bojangles near him. Nothing better than to share your life with a cat !!!

  • U've Been Chosen!!😄😍😄😍

  • Thank you for letting him into your life. I wish we all could do it and save all animals and help them to get the nature back.

  • "hes my cat now" ehh no dude. Youre his human now

  • A cat found a stray human and adopted it I still have hope in catitity

  • Pretty much the same way I got my cat Kitty.

  • theres a certain nonshalant way brits approach life that i love, howdy mate you alright

  • Cool story you become a very good friend for nothing!! i love cats very much,you must be a happy human when a cat come to you and will be your best friend! Its a small bit magic!!😉

  • *Adrian moves in* Bojangles: it’s free real estate

  • Is this a re-upload?

  • Mr. Boogangles! Such a cool name! 👍

  • Same happened with my cat at my window, I lost my job, was depressed for 4 months. I would love cleaning and opening the windows because she would visit, I cleaned everyday to see her.. then she would just show up. She came one day injured and I knew what I had todo. Within a month she gave birth on my couch and I woke up to 2 kittens next to her lol life has been so amazing with my cats lol

  • He knew you needed him in your life 🤍

  • Considering the widely accepted notion of cats being loners and reserved, they keep surprising me at how strong the bond between a cat and their human can really become. When they choose, it is a lifetime choice. Even amongst us humans, that is a rare gem that we have to work hard to preserve! Dogs are faithful companions by nature, whereas it takes the right conditions for a cat to be the same.

  • I just love how the cat sits on him/his bed when he’s sleeping 😂

  • Cat chooses you, not the other way around - Old Wise Man from Runescape.

  • Man I know you got snacks let me in

  • He chose you!

  • Adrian: *Moves chess-piece* Cat: *CHECKMATE!!!!* 😼

  • Cats choose their owners, dogs are happy to get what they get...that’s why I love dogs.

  • Was he left behind by the previous tenants ..lucky you were there❤️

  • He's a tuxedo cat. And he chose you to stay with.

  • Man at 2:00......."He's my cat now"''. 2:03--- thought bubble(only visible to experienced cat-keeper's) appears above cat's head,reading " You gullible, naive human --YOU are MY human now!!"

  • The boss🕊

  • When I do this they call the police

  • Maybe used to lived there?

  • I know his name is Bojangles, but for some reason...I would have named him Lawrence. He looks like a Lawrence.

  • 🖤👍

  • It’s the “sexy pose” on the wanted poster for me

  • Ah yes the “hang out at the window until he adopts me” trick. Still, I hope he checked to see he didn’t already have humans (eg via a chip). Cats can be cheeky buggers. Edit: Ah never mind. He did check in the best way. 🤣

  • Bojangles: This is the perfect home, thank you much. Sometimes, animals choose their owners.

  • The cat adopted him.

  • I don’t know why a cat won’t come into my house like that😭😭😭. I am ready and waiting😂😂😂

    • Hello how are you doing, Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

  • “I choose you. I live here now.” - Bojangles, definitely

  • Loved this one. ❤

  • Beautiful cat😍❤👍. I also have some cats and birds and parrots . I rescue cats from the street. When I find them in bad condition or injured, But I am actually a bird breeder, I have some videos that I uploaded on my channel. I will be glad if you came to watch it.

  • 1:44 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😅

  • The missing poster tho 😂

  • You get it ... you don't choose a cat, a cat chooses you. Slow eye blink ... cat translation: I love you. 🤗

  • I wish stray cats would adopt me. PS cute bedspread


  • Aaaw! You were adopted by this gorgeous guy.

  • He worked his way into ur house n heart! He was even wearing a tux 4 the occasion!

  • My black and white tuxedo Cooper adopted me like that too.

  • This guy did the right thing - posting flyers round the area before taking in the cat. My two kittens were nearly taken in by a (well meaning) family whos kids thought they were strays once, because they were skinny (we'd only just adopted them, they were from a hoarders house where they barely got fed). So please, always microchip your cat if you're an owner, and always check first before taking in a "stray" cat! If my cats weren't microchipped, they wouldnt have been my cats anymore!

  • I sure hope he started feeding him now.

  • AWW cat chose s his forever human.

  • a decent hole and the person does not stink much. I'll stay

  • My cats hate me cause i couldn't feed them expensive food

  • To Adrian congratulations on adopting Bojangles The Cat he/she is your Furr Baby. God Bless you in Jesus Holy Name for rescuing this Cute Cat You've applied the Good Samaritan principal to this Cute Cat Luke 10 : 25 - 37 & Mathew 25 : 31 - 40 ( I was thirsty & hungry & sick you looked after me ) Proverbs 12 : 10 The Righteous care for their Animals 1 Corinthians 13 : 1-13 Faith, Hope & Love PLZ google St Francis of assisi with Animals PLZ read Biblical proof that Animals do go to Heaven by Steven H woodward. We need to rescue both People & Animals that are suffering because this is The Lord's will Genesis 1 : 20 - 31 & Revelation 5 : 13 God Loves Animals too he Created them John 3 : 16, 17 God so Loved the world that he gave us Jesus. I am a Cat owner too & she sits on my lap & we Pray to The Lord together

  • The cheating poster cracked me. Lovely cat mate!

  • Tuxedo cats are very rare.

  • So so beautiful

  • Ahhh, sorry, mate, he's not your cat, you're his human. ;)

  • Why can't dating work this way. A nice lady just waits at my window . 😊😊😂

  • Your precious soul mate is Batman. 😍🥰😘❤😻

  • It seems I have just adopted a stray cat icall tass. He appears at breakfast lunch. And dinner. Cleaver cat

  • That cat has a previous owner judging from how he interacts with you. So cute. And he is for sure left behind.

  • ❤️🤗

  • Bojangles adopted you 😻😍

  • aaaawww dat faaace what a sweeties

  • 😊😻💕🐾

  • Awwww Bojangles decided this guy was the "chosen one" 🥰

  • cat adopts human, human is ofc clueless.

  • It looks like my cat, the only difference is that mine has a black nose.

  • Cat takes pawn.... and bishop... and Queen and whatever else they feel like. 😄 Don't try to explain the rules of chess to a cat.

  • 2:53 lol cats way of giving kisses

  • Cat picked you,,❤️🐱

  • The landlord signed a lease with the cat and was trying to cover it up and the cat was only trying to get into the place that rightfully belonged to him.

  • That’s your cat stop playing

  • Mr. Bojangles knew you needed him. They're amazing that way.💞💞💞

  • classic I married my stalker situation

  • Cats choose their humans. My cat chose me and she's unable to be without me.

  • Good man thank you

  • Cats know just what we need and will give it to us gladly, if we simply let them. Kudos to the pair of them!

  • maybe he just wanted to sandwich

  • The human was adopted, not the cat. ❤️

  • You just lost a chess game to a cat. Lol

  • "He's my cat now." Cat: "he's my person now".

  • I don’t think he’s your cat I think your his people

    • Hello how are you doing, Hope you're having a wonderful day!!