Sheep Jumps When He Hears His Dog Bestie's Name | The Dodo Odd Couples

Publicado el 13 jul 2021
Rescued sheep learns to play tag with his new dog best friend.

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  • Can I have your life?

  • Its a sheep that don't grow wools.

  • Ha I see what you did there… takoda… dakota… it’s funny to me cuz I swear to bob they said dakota and at the end the special thanks lists takoda and I was like wait a sec…

  • @0:34 THAT is the ......I can't even think of a word for it.

  • Se les ve muy felices 🥰 que simpáticos, siento no hablar tú idioma🇪🇸

  • A real friendship!

  • Love it.

  • Omg this is so freaking cute!!!!!

  • I always watch this and everytime franklin 🐑 and takoda 🐕 makes me smile. 😊

  • love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Totally sweet and precious 💖

  • 💕

  • A sign of good people is their animal's, these people are absolutely awesome and amazing folks. Man I wish we had more folks like these walking around because we as a society need them very badly. God bless these people and others like them, seriously.

  • Well that looks like a very nice house and piece of property. Looks fun

  • you're wonderful people! God bless you!

  • This was sooo cute💝💝💝

  • At first, I thought Franklin's mother must be evil and stupid to reject such an incredible colorful cutie. But after watching the full video, I understand what really happened: Franklin's mother: "What's this dog-human doing pretending to be one of my children? Go be with your own kind!" And so he did.

  • The best part of my day

  • Just for people who eat lamb chops or those dog eaters out there

  • So nice :)

  • Sheep befriends a dog and oes bunny hops

  • I love the Dodo series. Guaranteed to cheer me up, nearly every time, if I am down in the dumps. Thank you for finding so many heartwarming stories! Really lovely! 💕

  • Sweet, we all need family and friends, no matter what species we are. I had a sheep that our family babysat for. When the people died in a car accident we watched Willie the sheep and his collie friend until the family came to pick them up. In the interim I fell in love with Willie the sheep. He came along when I did my chores morning and night. I had forgotten about Willie. He was very special to me for a short time when I was a kid of ten.

  • Thanks for always bringing me a smile x

  • Hey its Franklin coming out to play 🎶 🐢 reminded of the show. But this is so cute

  • " (" I " 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 IT") (" MADE" MY " DAY ") (" THANK YOU " ) (" I " WISH " I " WAS " THERE ") (" GOD " BLESS " ALL " OF " YOU " FOREVER") (" TAKE CARE " )

  • I'm crying cause of wonderful sheep care and friends with dog

  • So happy & Funny

  • The way Franklin searched for Takoda when his name was called. That gave me the purest most blissful joy. Truly loved this video.

  • So sweet!❤❤❤his little face laying with his new mommy was so adorable!❤❤❤

  • Thank's for taking in Franklin, he hit the lottery when you made him yours. Sheep are just so adorable.

  • Franklin and Takota you both.are awesome family members

  • I loved watching this video

  • That's a GOAT!!!! Not a sheep.

  • that sort of friendship would be impossible without direct human intervention.

  • You are so lucky to be able to take them in. Cute pair!

  • Having animal family and seeing them play like this brings so much joy and happiness to ones life. It’s the worlds natural anti-depressant. You are are living the dream. We will get a goat once our homestead is finished.

  • A little bit of heaven on earth

  • 😭😭❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • I LOVE THIS!💜💜

  • This video is ridiculously cute. That bounce! 🤣

  • Franklin has become a Dog, but a happy one 🥰

  • 2:37 LOL 💗

  • Beautiful 😍

  • Beautiful story & happy ending. It's nice to know there are kind people 👫 out there making a difference xx

  • It's a shame that people nowadays don't know how to make a good landscape video.

  • Gods creation is so amazing. It is very heartwarming to see animals who love each other and their people. The way everything fits together is so amazing. God bless.

  • What about Kubota, the little tractor who thought he could?

  • Beautiful

  • I want a Franklin. 😀

  • We all need a friend like that ❤️

  • I love these stories .Thank you !

  • Looks like they arevery best friends.

  • It's nice seeing something real. No stretch of the imagination necessary, no personification... these two really do have that special bond

  • I’ve been raising goats since 2016. This vid makes me wanna adopt sheep.

  • thats a goat

  • Great story.....god made some wonderful creatures ☺️

  • “Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy goats, and that’s almost as good.”

  • Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest video :-) They're joy in playing with each other is wonderful to see.

  • High, i make best kebab in Texas, i would like to buy this goat, i will match your price, i am even willing to go as high as 50$/p.

  • One of the few channels that I allow the ads to play just to benefit The Dodo. They deserve it.

  • The somber gliding fittingly decorate because test previously allow behind a warlike tea. economic, cooperative rose

  • Looks like goat to me

  • That's a goat.

  • ,,, PEPE LE PUE ,,, 🤡🤡🤡

  • You lost me at "forever home".....I'm not "loving" it😣pet parents, fur kids, etc. Being raised on farm, you have a more realistic view of your relationship with pets. All that love, time, money could've been used on human babies. Spoiling animals but humans, nope.

  • 2:38 Agnus dei.

  • Lose the baby voices

  • real GOAT

  • So lovely to know there are beautiful hearts like u all

  • Franklin the sheep has an identity problem....because he is not a sheep, he is a goat.

  • hooman: "Franklin!!!" Franklin: "Yup that's me!!!" hoping towards his hooman. lovely ❤️

  • Sheep dog the Movie

  • Looks more like a goat than a sheep. I had pet pygmy goats. Absolutely hilarious pets.

  • This is the cutest thing EVER🤎🌻

  • Their running and playing is so refreshing. ❤️❤️

  • Sheepdog

  • Nice spread! Dang!

  • He's very happy ...........with you guys and ofc with Takoda........

  • What a sweet story!!! And in an emergency you would have a food source that would taste great with some barbecue sauce!!!

  • GROSS! Sheep poop in bed? The stink!!!

  • Beautiful video

  • 2:39 Oooh the sight of a happy goats face.

  • So beautiful!!

  • Awww he looks so tasty 😋

  • It brings joy to my heart watching videos like this one☺

  • It's not a sheep.

  • Love them

  • Love it!

  • That's so cute.

  • Wonderful! Cute!

  • Super cute friendship

  • "In relation to animals, all people are Nazis; for the animals, it is an eternal Treblinka" Issac Bashevis Singer (Moral Philosopher 1902-1991)

  • 2:24 This maneuver is not in the nature of sheep

  • 💛💛💛💛💛

  • Beautiful

  • I traly Love to see animals happy. It means some people out there is making sure Gods creatures are taken care of.

  • Are all Americans that rich... Look at that house and backyard... And the view

  • That bunny hopping is just so endearing! Just awesome!