Opossum Covers His Mom's Face In Kisses | The Dodo Little But Fierce

Publicado el 5 jul 2021
When Butter was first rescued, he was just a teeny, frail baby opossum. Watch him grow up to be the biggest snuggle bug! He covers his mom's face in kisses, even while she sleeps ❤️

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


  • My dog slubs all over me lol

  • Cute

  • Love, love your dedication for save wild animals! From shameful dog & cat butcher Republic.

  • What a nice lady

  • *I instantly stared crying the moment I seen your lil guy bc my dog killed a momma then a few hours later, I noticed he was sniffing at something in the grass but he wasn't sure about it...I could tell there was some kinda animal or bug he was sniffing anyways. So, there was a lil baby opossum!! I actually ended up finding 3 all together. One baby was out in the open and passed already and the other two cuddled under some weeds. By the end of that day only the one lil girl was all alive and i researched everything I could to try to help save her!! I had her for about 4 days and she ended up passing away :(. I was so so so upset bc I called the closest wild life rescue center to me and they were going to meet me to get her the next morning!! I would have driven her wherever needed before that but my car at the time wasn't very reliable and I couldn't go to far and the rescue ppl couldn't meet me until the day we scheduled! I believe she aspirated some of the milk replacement into her lungs bc the last day she wasn't well! There's nothing that gets to my heart more than animals and it crushes me to see them hurt or when I can't help them!! I really wish there was more help out there to reach in situations like this!! A lot of ppl wouldn't care especially considering it was an opossum but I think they're beautiful animals!! I buried our sweet baby Penelope in our backyard and she has a lil headstone i painted her!! If you've never seen a baby opossum in person, you are missing out bc they're the sweetest and neatest little things! I'm so so happy your lil guy survived!! I know they're wild animals but I wouldn't be able to let go lol!!*

  • This is adorable! You are super patient.

  • 😍🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • eew

  • What if one day it just decides to bite u 🤣🤣

  • That’s cute. I love this story. I raised 7 possums that I found on their mommy. She had been run over in the street. Their eyes weren’t even open when I got them. I took care of them and let them go when they were older. Little mommy possums carry their young in their pouch and on their backs. They have been walking too slow when crossing the streets.

  • to anybody watching do not give cow milk to small mammals. i found 2 baby squirrels i gave both cows milk one died the vet said it was the milk too rich. Make sure you get rabies shots for your little friend.

  • Does he use a cat box ? He is so cute !!

  • beast on beast action

  • Butter......nice name

  • I now pronounce you possum and wife. You may now slub the bride.

  • I have a young opossum in my boiler/laundry room for few weeks now. I leave food and water every night and it's gone when I check next morning. I would love to domesticate him but I think it's a bit old and doesn't want to come near me.

  • Omg.. I never thought I would say how cute this little guy is!

  • Right On... Nothing better than a FEEL GOOD story. As a kid we brought in a wild raccoon. As an adult, I brought in a ferret. Two wonderful times in my life. Somebody lost a good ferret... and I found him.

  • I love this video. Have watched it a few times

  • Possums are so cute. I have one living in my barn. I love it when he freezes and tries to pretend I can't see him.

  • He'll live longer domesticated. The only live 2-3 years in the wild, but have lots of babies. The Horned owls where I live pick off Opossums so bad they don't come around not more. Occasionally they'll snatch a cat too.

  • It's obviously not the optimum solution to domesticate a wild animal, but you made the right choice under a tough situation. Had you not adopted Butter, he would have probably died in 2-3 days of starvation, if not sooner by becoming some raccoon's meal.

  • no husband, no children, yup...

  • No mam

  • 2:08 The yawn of the opossum reminds of that of the extinct thylacine.

  • They are so helpful, eating over 2000 ticks in their lifetime

  • Driving home late on a dark road, I saw the eye shine and slowed down. Brights on, I saw a fat opossum just scooting across in front of me. It stopped and stared in my headlights and we just looked at each other. Finally I honked at it and it jumped and scooted away double speed into the woods. Still makes me smile.

  • lmao ew

  • Hillbilly bestie...

  • Maybe he stays because he see's no others like himself. You are his rock, he knows no one else. When he comes in comes to mating time, it might be different.

  • go...you're free.....Forget that Im headin back in the house!!!

  • im gonna pretend i didnt just see another rat laying on the floor flat chillin like a grillin just watching

  • Man those feet are atrocious 🤢

  • Thx lady

  • Sadly possums are such misunderstood and mislabeled animals. The badgering media doesn't help either.. always labeling them having rabies or some dumb crap. The amount of uneducated crap that's spewed thru media is ridiculous. Glad he made it I saved a litter of 6 ! 😀

  • I always thought these rodents were gross...but after seeing this video...I have a change of heart.

  • Oh he wants hugs and he wants to be held. Hahahaha *inner monologue* I could NEVER. Let this little guy go. Hahaha !!



  • I have been in the exactly same circumstances with a a white-eared opossum we found in our yard in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While we managed to rescue and feed him properly we were careful to avoid developing strong bonds with him. In the due time we introduced him back in the wilds again. I like to think he is ok but missed the liitle chap till tnia day! Tks for sharing thia video!

  • So cute!!! Hes your boy.

  • Raised two of them some years ago after Mom got killed by a car. Started of with 4 but lost two fairly early on. Named them Billy Joe and Bobby Joe. Had them for many years. Had them litterbox trained and both had to take regular bath.

  • God rules

  • Cutie Pie !!!

  • Imagine a visitor coming and didn't know what it was and just started yelling, "What's that?! That's a huge f*cking rat!"

  • I'd rather look at him than moms feet eeeek!

  • rescued a little one back in the day,My mother made me let her go when she got larger. Snif snif

  • Who loves possum pie? Yummy

  • What a sweet sweet video. He ain’t yours. You belong to him. Thanks for sharing.

  • That is so cute. So glad she was able to save it. Cute Butter

  • Aww the Silverback Grinner

  • What did you feed him in the beginning.

  • my chihuahua does the same when shows love and affection, she rubs her head against me lol

  • He's huge

  • Its amazing what animals u can create a bond with. Freaking possum man.. really?? 😁

  • I hear possums are immune to rabies also. Another plus to having a pet possum.

  • It's funny how much the one I found acted like a cat! The silly critter loved having his chin scratched. But never expect that with a wild animal, that one was raised by someone who set it free.

  • Just keep him happy. I think it would be way better to have possums rather than cats, especially in bush land suburbia. As we all know, cats destroy way too many of our smaller native animals. I get tonnes of negative responses from pissed off cat lovers but the facts are undeniable. I’d rather see small birds & animals every now & then instead of the many neighbourhood cats hiding in wait to attack yet another native bird! Get to know your native wildlife, they’re really fascinating to watch.

  • amazing

  • Im a dog now human, deal with it

  • I want that woman to be my friend, she's awesome!!! Butter is so cute, ♡.

  • Aww, I rescued a teenage almost adult possum from my cat and dog who were going to do him in. Didn't think. Just scooped him up. Possum's are tame wild critters. Slept with him. Released him to a safe place nearby after talking with a professional trapper. Sweet night of my life spending it with him.

  • 'mom' ? Only a mentally ill person calls says this

  • GOD made everything beautiful.

  • Animals LOVES hugs,kisses and cudles way more than humans

  • Lemme guess. You're single?

  • We raised three Babies like this, who's mother had been hit by a car. 2 of them were released, but one refused to leave. He stayed with us his entire life. They will learn to use a Cat Box on rainy days when they can't go out. They eat just about anything after they mature. And he got along well with our Dog and Cat, except when he would sometimes steal their food when they weren't looking. They do like regular attention. They only live about 3 to 4 years. One thing to remember about them in the wild. They eat thousands of ticks, and other small vermin. They do not contract rabies. They rarely ever bite a human in the wild unless you just get stupid with them. In that case they have really big fangs and can bite the snot out of you. You probably deserved it.

  • Hope you keep Butter forever.

  • Awww Butter is such a handsome guy! To heck with trying to survive in the wild when you got a pretty mama who gives loads of snuggles and kisses. Bless you both, so lucky to have found each other.

  • I love opposums, they're so misunderstood animals. People are afraid of them and kill them what I've seen. They're just as loving as a dog or cat.

  • I had no idea a possum could be so cute! Stephanie, I am so glad there are still people left in the world like you! Blessings!!

  • People, here in Brazil, kill this animal because they eat the chiken eggs in the Farm

  • I tried to care for 3 tiny hairless opossums. My dog killed their mom and sat her in our driveway. I went out there to mover her but babies are all over the yard. My ma stepped on one by accident and the rest were dead from trauma. I kept them warm and fed them til they lost the will to eat anymore. I wish it would have gone better

  • Wild Possum in the garage late at night: "Death monster from every nightmare!" Tame Possum messing with Mom's hair: "Where do I get one?"

  • Crazy cute!😍

  • He looks like Dr Fauci lol

  • Gorgeous,,, such a happy story, God bless you and little Butter ❤❤💕💕💕

  • Big mouse.

  • So cute🥰🤗

  • These shits are disgusting, I don't understand why people like them.

  • I'm stuck between 🤢 and 😍

  • The bloody thing is massive at the end..

  • Opossums are the gentlest creatures. They don't even need to be domesticated.

  • What does he eat? What do u feed him?

  • Why does the lady sound like Helen from the incredibles…..

  • Various animals can follow the same path to domestication like dogs and cats did.

  • 🤭🤭🤭👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰hi butter

  • the lifespans like 2-4 years like i reckon just keep em

  • 💓

  • Wow- I always thought Opossums were sketchy and ugly- until now. Thank you!

  • What a lovley little boy :)

  • Put the Butter on, the dog, it's the Butter dog.

  • Shows affection by rubbing against your feet? Damn, should've called him Quentin.

  • I wonder how little butter is going to start acting when it's time to mate. *Butter* : ok hey mom remember that time you talked about letting me go.. welllllll I been thinking.... 😂

  • Everybody has a plan til they get slubbed in the face.

  • Ummm it’s a hard no for me. I just can’t believe you are not scared.

  • Butter is only the cutest thing on the planet

  • He is a real cutie you are a great mom

  • This baby is such a doll