Iguana Climbs Dad and Gives Him Kisses | The Dodo Soulmates

Publicado el 11 jul 2021
Iguana loves to climb on his dad to give him kisses, but his cat siblings are so jealous! Buddy gets to go outside, live in custom-built cages, get pets, and even meet the new baby.

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  • When I saw the way he swimmed in that bath I got Godzilla vibes instantly.

  • You are an awesome pet owner 👍🏽 God bless

  • Absolutely beautiful

  • You are an amazing lizard, kitty pup daddy! They are all so very lucky to have you! I love you for taking such great care of all your children…even the tiny girl human bean!

  • You are such a beautiful soul, an omg amazing reptile owner! You are sooo right when saying if treated well, they will give love in return. I had a beardie for 12 years who had his own personality, gave kisses, liked to cuddle in my hair, friends with the dog. Amazing creature who taught me a lot about not judging a book by it's cover! Many blessings to you and your family 🦎❤

  • It that's the dad. I'm scared to see the mom.


  • Awww. Buddy loves him ❤

  • 2:42 Godzilla behind the scenes

  • Treat animals like we want to be treated.

  • So cute.

  • Adorable but scary to me

  • I lost my buddy :'( I love this story tough really nice :)

  • So cute🥰❤

  • Funny how any animal acts after you domesticate them. I've seen on dodo a person who trained a queen bee.

  • Without sound I thought homie was Caucasian

  • What? A friendly green iguana? Is this man a wizard?

  • I love iguanas but I would never be able to keep one as a pet, namely because unless I could tell right away if it was male or female, it would be risky. Male full grown iguanas are known to be aggressive with women/teens who are on their periods because they smell like a female iguana in heat, and apparently they are not gentlemen when breeding.

  • When your sad and feel alone And days pass slowly by No need to face a dark unknown No need to reason why For there's a lite to show our path A lite too long forgotten A lite that heals a broken heart And brings a new direction Each move we make Each step we take Our God is ever near There's no need to feel afraid He'll dry your falling tears.

  • Fine man, beutiful animal!

  • that is one not picky and yet very friendly iguana

  • That's a very nice terrarium that he built

  • that iguana looks delicious we eat it where I am from

  • He’s a handsome mam!

  • Omg how cute is that !!!!

  • That’s an amazing 🤩 relationship they have it’s so cool to see a lizard 🦎 behavior that way

  • OMG this is fantastic. This lizard 🦎 is living the best life and you can tell he's happy.Well done to lizards daddy 💙👍🤗🥰

  • I wish all pets were treated so well. Outstanding guy!

  • This was just precious Thank uiuy

  • Wow that tree house looks phenomenal. He could make a career out of that.

  • The rustic carol basally nest because character arespectively type during a crabby enquiry. ludicrous, yielding narcissus

  • He has a better diet that I have 😕

  • Beautifil

  • Beautiful animals. And good owner. Very nice message!

  • So sweeeetttttttttt I love it 😍😍I love a blended family 🦎🐈🐩🐶🐱

  • Super. What a great man.

  • undoubtedly the happiest most contented lizard on the planet.

  • I can't believe this @2:55 the iguana is kissing and stroking his face 😂

  • Can iguanas really eat all that? I guess they eat fruits and veggies.

  • Buddy is a good boy.

  • What a happy bunch forget kisses that's a little bit of tongue

  • 💜❤💖❤💜

  • "I've a 5 year old daughter and he's interested" 😳🤯😏😐

  • If people would do for children especially Boarder Children what you do for your iguana the world would be so much happier. Great job.🙂👍

  • What is does his girlfriend think?

  • Wow so wonderful friendship! Thanks for sharing

  • An example of a type of relationship that all humans should have with all animals. We should be their caretakers and protectors, not their abusers and destroyers.

  • This is incredible!!!! Love him❤️❤️❤️

  • Ok thats the second coolest lizard I've ever seen, but definitely as far as personality number 1.

  • yes estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dijiste al ultimo. trata/cuidar bien a tu masocta con amor y respoto y tambien ellos con uno %100

  • My brother-in-law left his iguana in his cage outside for some Sun in the afternoon. Iggy got roasted. RIP. 😔

  • That lizard has got it made. He deserves it. What a friendly one. Dude, those cages, if you can call them that, you build for him were amazing.

  • This is amazing❤

  • What's there life span

  • The way bro was swimming in that tub just hit different

  • Ur messing with my head.... Good morning, good evening And Good nite.

  • Wow! I had no idea iguanas were such interactive pets and so big! Lol

  • I guess this Iguana is kind of mellowed. I hope he’s not going to get aggressive.

  • Wow! Crazy thing, I had an iguana like him named buddy too! I miss him, love this video! :D

  • Bravo, you are the perfect pet owner. Any living being would be blessed to live under your roof.

  • Real life ( Rango ) 🧑🏼‍🌾

  • I'm so glad this guy appreciates his reptile for what he is. And knows that no matter what kind of pet you get..they should be life long. If you don't know 💯 that you can take care of that animal for it's whole life..DONT GET IT! they don't deserve to be bounced from place to place. They bond with people just like people bond with people and it's not fair to them to have to end up in a shelter or a home they don't know.

  • I remember me & my ex- husband had one he had her longer before he met me and buy did she love the sunlight it only made her more hungry we had to give her away promptly but we have when to a next door neighbor I miss her

  • Всее животные добрые ,умные, и надёжные,кроме человека!!!!

  • Me:Learn something from him you green black hole My lizard: I didn't chose the gluten life the gluten life chose me

  • Aww is so cute 💕💕

  • I pray he has a very long life 🙏

  • Well done sir!

  • no son animales domésticos y no deberían vivir en una casa

  • What a wonderful person you are so kind and caring to your pet and like you said they are part of your family. You can see that your lizard loves you and visa versa .

  • Animals receive an imprint from their keepers' soul hence they can be a friendly and loving companion! 👍😉

  • The way he swims reminds me of Alien Resurrection in the underwater scene.

  • Wont they spread and get any kind of virus or infections by kissing and hugging animals like this!?

  • you amazing sir, have a baby dragon.

  • What a wonderful guy. Pets feel sincere love and love him back. Pets are not toys, they are are little brothers and sisters. This video is amazing example of perfect relationship of human and animal.

  • That's what's up .Pets are FAMILY.

  • are iguanas omnivores?

  • omg this is so adorable! thank you Buddy you made my day! And thanks to his dad to share this amazing story with us, I love reptiles 🙏💖🌸

  • Thats great... He thinks of you as his dad. My Jack Russell puppy eats what i eat, especially beef jerky he wants what he eats and also wants the beef jerky im eating in my mouth. He sleeps with me and is only comfortable if he's laying on top of me. I spoil him rotten.

  • Bellissima

  • "If you get an animal, you need to make sure you take care of them for the rest of your lives" well said buddy, but some people still don't understand this.

  • Contrary to what you've been told this guy is not the lizards father, (unless he is an alien)

  • Cute lizard

  • Iguana: BANANA

  • ❤❤❤

  • I love iguanas. I never had them as a pet but I have couple of iguanas living on my roof and I feed them with lettuce.

  • Lizard stereotype: scaly thing that mating behaviors both sexes of lizard and even other species, will run into walls, and dies without his 24/7 vitamin d. Lizard reality:

  • Hot owner♥️😍

  • Iguanas should not be in captivity.

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • ❤❤❤

  • Greatness

  • Amazing 👏🙀

  • I wanna climb him and give him kisses too. 🤪

  • He’s very beautiful!

  • This is the most adorable iguana I've ever seen! 😍🤗😚💋💕

  • Thank you! The most loving iguana relationship I ever saw. An iguana was interested in me when I was a little girl and I imagined we would have this kind of relationship. 💖

  • So wonderful. I wish all animals were treated with such respect 💗💗💗

  • This is how you get Salmonella...

    • Not by eating raw chicken? I've been doing it wrong.

  • Very kool story.