Cat Prefers Dad To Mom - So Mom Starts Wearing Fake Beards | The Dodo Soulmates

Publicado el 4 jul 2021
Lindsey discovered that her cat, Roswell, preferred her husband over her. She finally find out why: her husband has a beard, and she doesn't! So she decided to buy her own and see how Roswell would react.

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  • 😆🤣

  • I wonder whom he prefers when a baby comes into the family😍

  • 😹😹😹

  • I think I found out what piglins were based on...

  • 1:08 LMAO 2:25 LMAOOO

  • 1:08 Lol those "caught in the act" faces xD

  • 😂

  • Drew: what going on bud Roswell:I've been bamboozled

  • 1:10 he legit looks like he’s been caught cheating-

  • That was funny funny funny 😆😄🤣

  • This is hysterical lol I couldn't stop giggling at her facial expressions while she had the fake beard on.

  • his face when he was caught 🥰🥰🥰

  • 02:25 omg lol... i love this little family. lol

  • Adorable

  • That’s so precious! Love how the whole family was wearing a beard, very cute! ❤️🧔😺

  • "What's this? Whatcha doing, Bud?" _"Which one of us is he talking to?"_

  • 😂

  • this is hilarious. human intelligence and wit on another level.

  • Go bearded woman!!! 😂💞💕

  • 😉💕👍whatsoever works!!👍🤣😻😍😻😻

  • The beard family

  • OK this proves my theory about cats lol they are crazy

  • Hahahaha, love it 💛

  • 2:29 😆😄You see the one eye blink of him? It's like, Roswell let the audience know "Hey I got this 😌😏😏 This is my clever way to get what I want. Let them fight over my attention" 😆😄🤣🤣🤣 He knows exactly what he is doing! Clever guy he is! Stay safe and healthy y'all! XOXO from 🇩🇪/🇹🇷

  • 😳😻💕

  • Lindsey definitely has unlocked a cheat code. Most cats freaking LOVE beards.

  • Beard fetish 😆

  • Ok..just buying the beard was to much.

  • Hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Me encanta😂😂😂😂😂😂😂jaaaa este minino es muy listo ,con barba o nada😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😺😺😺❤️❤️😺😺😺

  • Shes the type to poison the cat or abuse it when the boyfriend is at work

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  • hahahahhahaha hilarious, wish all ppl would love animals the same

  • This is my life now. Too funny 😅😅😅

  • Lol. This is the definition of "crazy cat lady"

  • This is too much to beard!

  • 🤦‍♀️lo que hay que hacer por un amor gatuno😁

  • LOVE this whole video!

  • OK, that is hilarious.

  • This is the sad rwality in the western world in 2021. A couple playing with a cat instead of raising a family and by the looks of it they should be well on their 3rd. But hey your they are modern right its 2021 ... good luck people.

  • So funny. Cute video

  • I wanted another cat My cat didn't want any more cats So we compromised and got a dog

  • I once had a cat named Bogangles. Named after a song by NItty Gritty Dirt Band…. “Mr. Bogangles”. I still love that song..

  • I've just 'acquired two cats ... ive never had cats! both were just 3-4 los old when they came to me, brother and sister. they have their ways ... brother will jump between my arms while i 'work' at the computer but literally will have nothing to do with me when he's not there. sister will have nothing to do with me during the day but will sneak in at night and sleep curled in my armpit, head on my shoulder and paw only arm ... during the day she's out in the woods! my hands! they love my hands ... and will position themselves so that their head gets petted. i had dogs for decades ... this is new and as i get older i find cats are easier .. they are more independent, kinda

  • Then there's my dog who's scared of men with beards 😶

  • Dad will always be kitty's favorite. It just happens, beard or not. Most cats will have their favorite person and the rest will always be on the side.

  • Guy been adopted by a cat

  • So amazing how he chose you! Cute name, Bojangles! 💚💚💚💚

  • He does have a beautiful beard

  • Someone walks in on the three of them in full-beard....slowly backs away

  • "She's in it for your beard. She's using you."

  • This lovely couple is so beautiful together!

  • This is adorable and hilarious Hilariable

  • The cat: how the hek I got 2 dads suddenly?

  • For those people who thinks we own a cat. No, the cat own us. 😂

  • Wife secretly cuts of husband's beard. Cat is confused

  • I'm shook there's the extension of their story. I'm crying in laughter 😂😂😂

  • 2:26 he looks so goofy I can’t Also his lil wink omg

  • Such a cute little family bahaha

  • Not being able to handle the cat liking husband more is just really strange and needy on a whole new level.

  • i love u miss for everythng u doing for the cat 😍ur a beautiful soul 😍❣️may god always bless u nd ur family 😍😍😍😍😍

  • The cat got bamboozled

  • Weirdo.

  • She’s a genius!

  • The solution is simple: Make the cat disappear...

  • I wait for these like I waited for the john wick sequels. Epic saga!

  • One of the funniest videos here 😂

  • He looks like he saw something extremely terrifying 1:08

  • She's taking the piss out of transgenders. This is transphobic

    • This is a big bruh momento?

    • As trans guy, im sure no trans person is taking offence to this lol. Its just a harmless lil shtick between the couple and their pet. But if this comment was satire, then congrats dude ya got me😅😩

  • So like .. it's a cat. You guys still got a life to live you know.

  • Imagine being that insecure about a cat not liking you. Take the L and move on crazy lady, there's a reason the cat doesn't like you and it's not facial hair or a lack thereof.

  • 2:27 that wink though

  • Hilarious 😆

  • Its time to teach the cat some attack commands !!!

  • What a weird thing to say. I love to see our cat cuddle with my spouse, as my spouse loves to see our cat cuddle with me. This guy enterprets it as his partner "stealing his thunder". Kind'a weird to see it that way. I just don't get it. He should be encouraging this.

  • Same thing happens here! Except my wife hasn't reported to fake beards... priceless!!

  • fave cat saga, next chapter when

  • The couple should get another cat. Maybe some healthy kitty rivalry is required for this one to start appreciating the woman more.

  • Oh god the cat beard 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This is so funny 🤣

  • cringe ... chick is kinda nutty .

  • A dog would never look at materialistic things

  • This is so adorable

  • imagine beeing that jealous lol

  • Identity theft is no joke

  • A family that has beards together stays together. My cat likes my beard too by the way. She also likes to nibble on my nose when I go to kiss her.

  • Nothing better than The Hangover Beard.

  • Cat dad to cat: "Look what she needs to mimic a fraction of my Power!!"

  • lol this made my day

  • What happen if he cut the beard of in Episode 3?

  • My cat she does that with my partner some


  • What is there not to love about this! All three of them!

  • 😹😹😹😹😹

  • Is this an snl skit?

  • He should shave his beard

  • Try the beard to spice up your sex life, also.

  • Luckily the Cat is dumb😆🤣 If he was smart this wouldn't have worked

  • what a cute little stinker

  • Awesome