Bulldog Obsessed With His Skateboard Hates When His Parents Try To Take It Away From Him | The Dodo

Publicado el 10 jul 2021
Bulldog has one interest in life: skateboarding - and he throws the biggest tantrum whenever it’s time to go home!

Keep up with Chowder and his adventures on TikTok: thedo.do/chowderthebulldog .

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  • The chief friday interstingly trap because jellyfish multivariably soak over a fretful spade. known, languid lunchroom

  • Super cute 😍😍😍

  • Thats what i call a true gangstar.

  • Dog on the skateboard. That's it That's all i have to say

  • A human 🐕


  • Imagine seeing this at the xgames

  • Idea! Get a naafdynamo and a powerbank and put it under the skateboard. It won't give any friction. He'll help getting the household energy cost down with the thing he loves most!

  • I’m really starting to wonder if reincarnation is a thing….

  • Chowder is such a superstar! Love following him and his family on Instagram ❤️🐾

  • Even i don't know how to skate😐😂, Great job Chowder!

  • oh no he is chunky i love hime :)

  • He is better than me 😂😂

  • It’s not a gimmick. They all love it. Friend of mine was mid skate at this park. Some bulldog comes out of nowhere and literally knocks him off his moving skateboard and takes it. LITERALLY bumrushed him.

  • «First dog skateboard I ever delivered» 🤣

  • This dog can literally skateboard better than I can.

  • imagine just walking down the road and seeing a bulldog skating at 600km per millisecond

  • yo this dog is very smart i wish i got a smart dog like chowder

  • Wow.. this dog has more talent then me

  • Imagine being a thief and Chowder chases you on his skateboard.

  • Wow

  • give this dog skatebords

  • That's a Dogtown Wes Humpston board.

  • Urban Slang should adopt "chowder" as a word to describe a chubby skateboarder :P XD

  • Skateboarding is addictive, even for dogs.

  • I can't. I just can't dislike a dog on a skateboard

  • Not sure if this guy is beefy or chunky.

  • The lil effer and turn and everything. 😆

  • Haha what I funny dog very unusual for a dog to be riding a skateboard! Imagine you just walking by and a dog appears riding a skateboard and passes you!

  • This dog is better at skateboarding then me. The dog can even TURN!

  • That dog is cooler than I'll ever be

  • In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

  • He should be competing in the Olympics!

  • 7yrs later: Chowder: kickflipping amd grinding

  • Oh.

  • Caller to 911: "Help, I'm chasing a dog on a skateboard." 911 Dispatcher: "Why aren't you running?" Caller: "I am."

  • awwww ... I love Chowder, he is too damn cute skateboarding wearing his Mahomes jersey

  • That is the most amazing video I've ever seen

  • That is so cute and hilarious

  • hes the literal swag in meat

  • Just saw this. It made my day.

  • 12/10 can turn on a skateboard better than me!

  • He is like a dog but as Tony Hawk

  • It's similar to people using a segway. That mutt's like, "Why walk when i can just float around?"

  • it can skate better than me

  • This dog rides a skateboard better than me! 😂😢

  • It look like The demon from We bare bear.

  • I’m scared of riding skateboards and anything that seems unstable but when I saw him roll his Amazing I Love Him 😍.

  • I don’t know how people dislike this it’s a skateboarding dog what more could you want?

  • Amazing his love for boarding. And why don't people love animals??? They are AMAZING!

  • Tony who???

  • This dog can skateboard better then me I have I skateboard and I try to ride it I fall lol😃

  • This dog is pro skater

  • This dudes dog is better at skateboarding than me

  • Hit a kick flip

  • yes, but can he grind along a railing ? , NO! , me neither

  • Dang they should teach him to ollie

  • Wow

  • His sooo cuteeee!!!!

  • Your dog is so talented

  • Omg your so adorable. He actually knows how to skateboard. I love you skateboard too lol!!

  • That is a chubby boi!

  • i think i just found a dog talented than me i am even scared to stand and let it go its just scary

  • Overweight

  • How your dog do at skateboard

  • So dope! What a savage beast!!!!!

  • Deep inside he just wants to be Tony hawk

  • 1 week ago

  • Thats one lazy and clever bulldog

  • s8ter boy 2.0

  • That reverse frontal acceleration was pretty awesome lol

  • yo dog can do better skateboarding thn me

  • hes better than me

  • This dog has some skills Who am I kidding he has all the skill in the world

  • I think chowder was a skater in a previous life.

  • What an absolute sweetheart. I love him.

  • Kids flex be like: my daddy has a GOLD tooth Her: my dog can ride a skateboard

  • So funny and cute 😂

  • I have a skateboard for 4years and can't skateboard perfect

  • Chowder needs to loose some weight! Would help him out with his joints for him to enjoy the skateboard time!

  • hes so talented

  • OG punk

  • The dog literally being better at skateboarding then me

  • That dog was a pro skater in his human life

  • Now let me see him do a inward Nollie heelflip

  • This how my wife looks when she skateboards.

  • This has to be an old dead skater reincarnated into a bulldog in his next life, lol

  • He’s the dog version of tony hawk

  • We tried to get our bulldog to ride a skateboard but she wouldn’t ride it, she did become obsessed with chewing it though. We had to take it away because the wood was cutting her. Bulldogs are notoriously obsessed with specific toys

  • Dude dogs are becoming more human day by day....

  • I wonder do I love to do anything as much as that dog loves to skateboard? It is kind of a depressing thought.

  • Plot twist: He wanted to lose some pounds 😂😂

  • The jazzy toad italy clap because scanner booly smoke astride a fixed hour. thin, complex secretary

  • I think he was a former teenage boy

  • Guys isn't this amazing 😍

  • Yeah he's a Kyle fo sho

  • This dog can skateboarding better than i do

  • Tony hawk reincarnated

  • "Tony Bark"!

  • Atleast he can kickflip :(