'Aggressive' Cat Meets A Tiny Kitten And The Cutest Thing Happens | The Dodo Cat Crazy

Publicado el 3 jul 2021
You'll never guess what happens when this tiny kittens meets an "aggressive" hissing cat ❤

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  • Aww they’re besties

  • Lmao that's a very cute kitten n he is not scared of Joey he's like scoot over man

  • Joey is an amazing cat....my heart is in a good place now watching him kiss the girl kitten's paw. You are truly an awesome foster Mom..giving the creatures in your care love and space to be able to flourish. Joey has been able to find his calling.

  • Sometimes my news feed is full of unpleasant things and then I have a job I hate but am trying to change. I need The dodo and videos like this to keep my morale up sometimes. I rescued a tillte floof and she makes me smile every day, I love seeing others do the same ^_^

  • God Bless you!!^^

  • Just something! So touchful story😭,so glad of Joey.., of his big steps towards his fears. Hope that he with that little kitten gonna be happy for long nice time)

  • Does Joey have short front legs?😥

  • Them? I can't figure your meaning. Aren't you talking about one cat?

  • So wonderful 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Wonderful comments as this was filled. It's so true to, everything that was said. In the end, they will do anything for the other. They will watch each other's back, and be there when no one else is. I loved the narrative, it made me smile through out. May they both be a comfort to each other, and to their human parents.

  • Ugh, I've seen this video 3 times I think, and I just figured out why he's named "Joey". He looks like a baby kangaroo! I love him............ and that kitten is out of this world gorgeous. Wow.

  • Joey...what a cool name for a kitty who looks like a kangaroo.

  • I would kiss dat kitten too. Did you see those kittens

  • All you need is love.

  • Animal are amazing, aren't they?

  • Kangaroo with a cat's body

  • That is the cutest thing I have ever seen I honestly love cats so much they are just so adorable and I think if you treat them the way they wanted to be treated they show us a lot of love 💖😉

  • im crying they are too adorable

  • What a sweet video. Oh I'm melting 😻😻

  • From what I heard you should separate the two cats between a door and let them smell each other for a day or so. Also feed them together between the door. Idk

  • All about love … or …. He is exhibiting moderated dominance behavior to establish an alpha role.

  • Blessings to this loving lady adopting and fostering and filming for us. ❤️ It's so cute how the kitten refuses to stop trying to cuddle. We could all learn something here, about not always taking grumpy people too personally.

  • Omg I seen that tiny paw cat on Ifunny and I was wondering what happened to him when he was taking in as a pet so proud that cat is still alive and well

  • They look alike perfect mama kid

  • The kitten was like “Hello I’m here to heal you.”

  • does that cat have dino arms!?

  • Good thing they didnt call him rex…

  • That kitten said I need love and you are going to love me please..

  • Joeys come so far. He knew kitten needed him. I love how he plays. She forced him to love her

  • 2:03 aww they look like father & daughter

  • 🍀🌹

  • Joey the PREDATOR cat.....

  • He's overwhelmed being around so much love.

  • Are you my mummy??

  • What happened to Joeys front paws? 😔

  • So beautiful...almost like a fathering instinct kicked in

  • Joey is literally the hardened, gruff guy who adopts a kid and becomes a dad. Love it.

  • Every time I hear 'they're feral, they'll never have a home', I know it's gonna be a good dodo video.

  • Who’s cutting onions

  • Joey's decision to start being playful again shows he has learned the precious lesson that a lot of unhappy humans need to learn. That it's never too late to have a wonderful childhood. 👍😊💚

  • Is that a tsundere cat?

  • Joey : My child now :)

  • dont mind me my eyes are just sweating right?

  • trying to watch the video without crying like a little baby. edit: mission failed. we'll get 'em next time.

  • looks like a cat shin godzilla

  • Well this made my day.

  • Joey: I’m vicious and scary…. Ffffsssstttttt!!! Kitten: What’s vicious and scary? Prrrprrrrprrr Joey: well….

  • so lovely to watch ❤

  • Just beautiful to see, this bad tempered cats found love. Hey you do a great job.. ❤️

  • Hissy boy becomes kissy boy

  • You deserve my like

  • Nature is a wonder 😍😍😍

  • Really you are doing great job ...god bless you and joey

  • i saw one of her videos on tiktok

  • I love this so much

  • We all remember Joey from previous videos, don't we?

  • Oooohhh....precious

  • Oooohhh....precious

  • Trauma, truly does create, an old soul.

  • All Joey needed was love and you gave him that lady, bless you. Now he has adopted the kittens, aww this is so special. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. 😀🐈🐱

  • This is how my cat was whenever we got a Kitten- for the first two days she'd hiss at her , and Mittens wouldn't care and just wanted to play. After awhile our cat just became this like- Mother figure 🤩

  • Precious

  • The way he is licking the front paws i can hear him saying, "kid dont lose these. I dont want you to become Like me so keep them clean and protected.

  • Joey is like a T-Rex ❤❤❤

  • Truth that kindness is contagious

  • The fact that this video has any dislikes disgusts me

  • Babies can soften the hardest of hearts. Even in the animal world.

  • These stories of grumpy feral cats finding joy and meaning in life trough kittens are my absolute favourite videos on this channel.

  • 😭moving..

  • Going to kiss my cat now. Brb

  • You really should keep that little girl for him.

  • Awwww 💓💖💞💕😍

  • I saw this on tik tok 😂

  • Mean Joey turns into the cool uncle! Sweet!

  • If i had penny for everytime a shelter/vet would say the cat wouldn't make it or no one would adopt it, i would be rich.

  • He was just terrified and scared and maybe a little jealous too. Poor him of getting abused.

  • The kittens make Joey a cat again

  • Stalker much? Haha, good job Joey

  • The fact that Joey tried to licking the kitten's paws makes me sad😭 It's like Joey gonna say : *“You have a nice paws, fella! Don't lose it”*

  • Bless😻

  • Damn i love this channel.

  • How could you NOT keep that kitten after that.

  • Sweet little kitties! Such wonderful creatures.

  • These cats - especially the white one - need more space, THEIR space. They need nature, trees, different odors, SPACE, quietness. Cats are not for inside life with humans!

  • You are an angel for taking care of Joey

  • Joey is special

  • Is someone cutting onions around here?

  • If it was human, they would call him a pedophile.. coz humans

  • Joey is channeling Grandpaw Mason. Bless.

  • Dodo succeeds to make cry at least once a day.

  • Omg this makes me so happy because my cats name is Joey too. He never I mean ever got along with my other cats. Well, when he did and I saw him he would pretend like he wasn’t all affectionate a second ago.😂😂but I got 2 kittens now and he’s the sweetest with them. Especially one that he has a close bond with. They do everything together 😑😑ah Joey and them are SUCH troublemakers but I love them

  • Omg 1:34, his eyes softening after he sniffs her is melting my cold dead heart

  • 🥰❤️

  • That is so beautiful 🥰

  • Joey: Growls Kitten: Oh, you're growling? I guess I'll just lay down here

  • I wish I had those two adorable cats actually I too myself a 🐈 lover

  • Aww, Joey

  • When you give an animal a chance, it's wonderful what can happen!

  • the first thing she lick is hand :'(

  • Aggressive my ass, he's scared, he's scared of cats, he's scared of humans. He's been through it 😔✋